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Complaint Investigation

Undertaking objective investigations in consultation with all relevant parties

Staff at Metrica have undertaken numerous Statutory Nuisance investigations of behalf of developers, operators and contractors where they have received complaints regarding environmental emissions

Noise from industrial sources and commercial premises is a common source of complaint. In consultation with both parties, we are able to conduct measurements and assessments to identify and solve the issues through a suitable mitigation strategy, or if necessary, to support legal action.

We have a wealth of experience assisting construction contractors, utilities and commercial companies deal with noise, vibration and air quality complaints

For residents, we would recommend that where possible, the first port of call is to discuss your concerns with the person/company you believe is the source of the nuisance. Many such issues may be a very simple to resolve, such as repairing a specific piece of equipment.

Where such a discussion is not possible, or hasn’t led to a satisfactory outcome, raising a complaint with the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) of your Local Authority is typically the next step.

Many premises have criteria such as noise limits included in their planning consents, and where the EHO considers it necessary, the requirement (and associated costs) to investigate the issue may lay with the company in question. This is typically where Metrica would step in to undertake an objective investigation in consultation with all relevant parties.

For certain type of complaints and incidents such as flooding or pollution events, these should be raised with the Environment Agency (SEPA in Scotland), rather than the Local Authority. For guidance on the various types of incident and the relevant body to which you should report them, please see here.