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Flood Risk Assessment

Mitigating the risks associated with flooding and surface water management

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is often required by Local Authorities to accompany planning applications for new developments

Aerial River Bridge houses

At Metrica, we offer comprehensive flood risk assessment services to help our clients identify areas of potential flooding and mitigate flood risk.

We have undertaken Flood Risk Assessments for a range of new development types, including energy schemes, infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential developments.

Our typical methodology for undertaking a FRA includes the following steps:

Flood Risk Assessment Desktop Study

The initial flood risk assessment desk-study involves reviewing existing data sources, including Environment Agency data, local flood risk management strategies, and other relevant documents. This helps us identify areas of potential flooding and understand the local flood risk context.

Flood Risk Site Visit

Where required, we will undertake a site visit to observe local conditions, such as topography, drainage systems. We use this information to refine our understanding of flood risk in the local area.

Flood Modelling

Our flood modelling services use advanced software and modelling techniques to simulate flood events and assess their potential impacts. We can model floods caused by rivers (fluvial) as well as surface water flooding from intense rainfall events (pluvial flooding). This allows us to evaluate the likelihood and severity of flood events.

Flood Risk Report and Recommendations

Finally, we prepare a comprehensive report that summarizes our findings and recommendations. Our Flood Risk Assessment reports are designed to meet the requirements of relevant planning policies, standards and local authority guidance. Our recommendations may include design modifications, flood defence measures, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance requirements.

At Metrica, we understand the importance of accurate and comprehensive flood risk assessments in managing flood risk and protecting the environment. Our experienced hydrologists are dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the unique needs of our clients.