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Noise & Vibration

On every project, we identify and minimise noise and vibration risk at the earliest stage by working with the wider project team to ensure the development does not result in adverse impacts

Our team of expert acoustics consultants have extensive experience working on complex projects subject to the highest level of scrutiny. By working with Metrica, you can be sure that your project is in skilled and experienced hands

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On every project, we identify and minimise noise and vibration risk at the earliest stage by working with the wider project team to ensure the Development does not result in adverse impacts.

We are problem-solvers; all our advice and reports are clear and concise. Our technical outputs will clearly identify pragmatic measures required to ensure compliance with relevant standards. Our key noise services are as follows:

Noise Impact Assessments for Planning »

Noise Impact Assessments are often required as part of the planning application to demonstrate that your development will not have a significant impact on existing receptors. We minimise project risk by working with our clients to avoid potential noise issues at the earliest stage by providing design advice and identifying appropriate mitigation.
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Noise at Work Surveys and Assessments »

We provide simple, easy to understand reports which clearly identify the actions required to ensure full compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations. We understand that every workplace is different, and as such never follow a ‘one size fits all’ method. We approach each project flexibly, taking time to understand your workplace and practices.
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Wind Turbine Noise Assessment »

Staff at Metrica have an enviable track record for providing robust wind turbine noise assessments on some of the largest wind farm developments in the UK. Metrica has experience working on developments from small domestic single turbines to multi-megawatt developments across the UK and internationally, both onshore and off-shore.
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Industrial Noise Assessment »

An industrial noise assessment is likely to be required where noise-emitting plant or machinery is to be installed close to existing residential dwellings. The assessment will determine whether the noise source is likely to result in adverse impacts and identify mitigation measures required to ensure adverse impacts are minimised.
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Residential Noise Surveys »

If you are applying for planning permission for a new residential development or the Change of Use of an existing building near to an existing source of noise, it is likely that a residential Noise Impact Assessment will need to be submitted with your application. Metrica has extensive experience undertaking residential noise assessments to ensure future residents are not adversely impacted by existing noise sources such as roads, railways, industrial developments or events venues.
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Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring »

We have successfully installed, managed, and maintained monitoring equipment for construction sites over periods ranging from several days to several years. Long-term construction monitoring is typically undertaken with advanced equipment and real-time feedback. This allows clients and contractors to demonstrate to stakeholders that they are operating in accordance with their environmental responsibilities at all times.
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Vibration Impact Assessment »

Ground-borne vibration is caused by many sources, including road and rail transportation links as well as during construction works. Vibration can result in a number of adverse impacts, from varying degrees of annoyance to structural damage to buildings and infrastructure. Metrica has extensive experience in offering monitoring and assessment of vibration impacts.
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