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Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Reducing the risk of flooding and improving water quality

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) are a set of techniques used to manage surface water runoff in a controlled way, reducing the risk of flooding and improving water quality

At Metrica, we offer comprehensive SUDS design services to help our clients meet the requirements of the Sustainable Drainage Systems Design and Standards (SuDS) for England guidance.

We have provided Sustainable Drainage System advice for a wide range of projects which has helped our clients benefit from:

  • Flood Risk Management
  • Lower pressure on drainage systems
  • Improved water quality
  • Increased biodiversity and ecology

Our typical methodology for designing SUDS includes the following steps:

SUDS design completed housing UK

SuDS Site Assessment

The first step in our SUDS design methodology is a site assessment. This involves reviewing the local site characteristics, including topography, soil type, and existing drainage systems. We also assess the local water quality, identify any potential pollution sources, and consider any relevant planning policies and standards.

SuDS Concept Design

Once we have completed the site assessment, we develop a concept design. This includes identifying the types of SUDS measures that are appropriate for the site, such as swales, ponds, and infiltration systems. We also consider the potential impacts of the SUDS measures on the site and surrounding areas, including flooding, erosion, and water quality.

SuDS Detailed Design

The next step in our SUDS design methodology is a detailed design. This includes specifying the size, shape, and location of each SUDS measure, as well as the materials and construction techniques to be used. We also consider any maintenance and monitoring requirements for the SUDS measures.

At Metrica we understand the importance of effective SUDS design in managing surface water runoff and protecting the environment. Our team of hydrologists are dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the unique needs of our clients.