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Shadow Flicker

Metrica can undertake detailed prediction and assessment of shadow flicker using advanced computer modelling software

Shadow flicker is the effect caused by shadows from wind turbine blades passing over a window. This effect causes the intensity of light within a room to vary, resulting in a flickering effect

Metrica has extensive experience predicting and assessing shadow flicker effects for both proposed and operational wind turbines, identifying when and where shadow flicker can occur and evaluate the impact on receptors. These assessments are conducted using advanced computer modelling software that takes into account the location and dimensions of the wind turbines, the position of the sun and surrounding topography.

By helping our clients understand and manage shadow flicker impacts we can help wind energy developers minimise the impact of their projects on local communities, while maximising clean and renewable energy to the grid, supporting the transition to net zero.

We are able to advise our clients on potential impacts and suggest mitigation measures such as shutdown calendars, which will stop shadow flicker occurring in practice.

Our shadow flicker services are as follows:

Wind turbine monitoring Metrica

We have undertaken shadow flicker assessments for some of the largest wind energy developments both in the UK and internationally. On every shadow flicker assessment we undertake, we ensure the right balance is struck between protecting residents, while minimising turbine shutdowns.