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Noise at Work Survey & Assessment

Metrica has extensive experience undertaking Noise at Work surveys throughout the UK

We provide simple, easy to understand reports which clearly identify the actions required to ensure full compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Noise at Work Regulations are a set of 15 regulations which all employers must comply with. They set out the employee Noise Exposure Values, above which a Noise at Work Risk Assessment is required. If you’re not sure whether you need a Noise at Work Risk Assessment please get in touch for advice.

We understand that every workplace is different, and as such never follow a ‘one size fits all’ method.

We approach each project flexibly, taking time to understand your workplace and practices. This allows us to provide an assessment that is relevant to your specific workplace needs, and ensures that any mitigation specified is appropriate and proportionate.

We have experience undertaking assessments in a number of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, entertainment and food and drink industries. Projects range from small joinery workshops employing fewer than 5 members of staff, to large-scale food processing plants employing hundreds of operators.

What does a Noise at Work Survey Include?

Noise at Work Survey

Initially, we will discuss how noise is currently controlled within the workplace and identify key areas and/or employees. During the survey, our expert acoustic consultants measure levels from all noise-emitting machinery and activities, and where appropriate fit personal dosimetry meters on key employees to gain a full understanding of the bigger picture.

The aim of the survey is to collect sufficient information to allow an estimate of employee exposure to be made, and to identify practical mitigation measures which can be implemented to reduce noise in your workplace.

Calculation of Employee Noise Exposure

Once we have undertaken a survey, we input all measurements into our specially developed noise exposure calculator, which uses the measured levels and duration to determine whether any employees are likely to be exposed to noise levels above the Exposure Action Values.

Noise Audit and Identification of Mitigation Measures

The most important element of the Noise at Work Assessment is identifying practical mitigation measures which can be implemented to reduce employee noise exposure. The HSE makes it clear that it is not appropriate to simply provide hearing protection. The employer must consider, and where reasonably practicable apply mitigation measures which reduce exposure.

As part of our assessment, we identify all major sources of noise and rank them in terms of noise and the number of employees impacted. This allows you to identify which measures will be the most cost-effective, and have the greatest benefit in your workplace. We will also provide a number of more general control measures which can be implemented to reduce noise.

Noise at Work Report

Our Noise at Work reports contain everything you need to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations. We pride ourselves on the simplicity and clarity of our reports. We take each regulation in turn, and provide all the information, actions and advice you need in order to ensure compliance.