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Industrial Noise Assessment

Metrica has extensive experience providing noise design advice and undertaking Noise Impact Assessments for industrial noise sources

An industrial noise assessment is likely to be required where noise-emitting plant or machinery is to be installed close to existing residential dwellings

The assessment will determine whether the noise source is likely to result in adverse impacts and identify mitigation measures required to ensure adverse impacts are minimised.

Industrial noise assessments (or industrial noise surveys) are usually undertaken according to the guidance in BS 4142:2014. This standard requires that the new (or existing) noise source is assessed against the existing background level at nearby noise-sensitive receptors (typically residential dwellings).

Metrica has undertaken many industrial noise assessments, from installation of simple kitchen extract units, to the assessment of complex commercial facilities involving the installation of hundreds of new noise sources.

Previous clients include those working in the manufacturing, food and drink, waste management, water treatment works, ports, power generation and retail sectors.

We offer the following noise assessment services:

Metrica has a wealth of experience in providing expert noise advice for industrial and commercial developments of all shapes and sizes. We provide design advice at an early stage to minimise project risk and ensure a smooth path through the planning process.

If you require an industrial noise impact assessment, or to discuss any other aspect of industrial noise please contact us.