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Construction Noise Monitoring

Long-term construction and demolition monitoring is undertaken with advanced equipment which allows real-time remote access and logging

Metrica has experience undertaking long-term noise, vibration and dust monitoring for construction and demolition projects throughout the UK

We have successfully installed, managed, and maintained monitoring equipment for construction sites over periods ranging from several days to several years.

Long-term construction monitoring is typically undertaken with advanced equipment which allows real-time remote access and logging. This allows clients and contractors to demonstrate to stakeholders that they are operating in accordance with their environmental responsibilities at all times.

The monitoring equipment can be set up to send alerts when trigger levels are exceeded. These alerts allow the prompt investigation of potential incidents and implementation appropriate mitigation measures

Environmental monitoring during construction works is becoming more prevalent, with monitoring often being required as part of planning consent.

Metrica can help minimise delays to your construction project by undertaking the following services:


We will liaise with the Local Authority and other stakeholders to agree the scope and methodology of any construction noise, vibration or air quality monitoring. During consultation, Metrica will seek to minimise costs by ensuring the scope of any monitoring is appropriate to the scale of the project.

Construction Modelling & Assessment

Metrica can undertake desk-based construction noise and vibration modelling or assessment. We have experience undertaking construction modelling and assessments as part of planning applications or to discharge pre-commencement planning conditions. Where we predict that noise, vibration or air quality effects may result in adverse impacts, we will provide mitigation and design advice which can be implemented to ensure these effects are minimised.

Construction Management Plans

We provide clear Construction Management Plans to ensure noise, vibration and dust impacts are effectively managed and monitored throughout construction projects. The Construction Management Plan will also include details of the process which will be followed if an alert is triggered by the monitoring equipment, or a complaint is received. Metrica has extensive experience in the production of Construction Noise, Vibration and Dust Management Plans, and will always ensure any requirements are proportionate to the scale of the project.